Brand Protection

Brand Protection Department (BPD) was founded with the aim of serving brand owners' interest through establishing a one-window service hub based on a comprehensive analytical study for different aspects of trademark portfolio and best practices of the available enforcement measures for trademark protection in the respective country. 

Why Do You Need to Consult Brand Protection Department?

The Department aims to provide clients with strategic plans for trademark protection on administrative, judicial as well as commercializing levels, with the view of providing clients with a comprehensive legal protection system for their brand portfolios handled by our Department.

How Do We Help Our Clients To Protect Their Brands Worldwide?
Brand Protection Department is committed to providing clients with highly standardized services by a professional team who provides clients with a customized approach on protecting and enforcing their brands in the markets. Our professional team can also assist clients with all trademark-related matters.

What Kind Of Services Brand Protection Department Offers?
Brand Protection Department assists its clients in professionally managing both offline and online services:

Offline Brand Protection: 
• Litigation Services
Dealing with many skillful lawyers regionally and globally, our Department can serve brands’ owners with litigation services in case of an infringement before all courts levels: mainly criminal complaints, criminal lawsuits, civil lawsuits, cancellation actions and unfair competition lawsuits.

• Legal Consultations
Upon request, our experienced legal team provides clients with advisory on the convenient legal action, whether our clients’ concern was regarding the governing local laws, protecting their brand portfolios or any legal issue. Our team welcomes any type of legal inquiries.

• Customs Measures
Our team provides efficient services before Customs local departments through working closely with the governmental authorities to promote the enforcement of trademarks.

• Drafting Franchise Agreement
Ensuring a full enforcement of our clients’ trademarks cannot be accomplished without well-drafted franchise agreements, our professional lawyers can provide.

• Cease and Desist Letters
We assist clients wishing to cease infringements of their trademarks without resorting to courts by either drafting cease and desist letters, or obtaining settlements; saving our clients’ time and money.

• Market Investigation
Our highly skilled inspectors continuously investigate the markets to detect any counterfeit marks. 

Online Brand Protection:
• Online Search:
We can provide our clients with comprehensive reports which reveal online infringing websites, social media pages and groups as well as online shopping platforms.

• Brand Listening: 

Do not miss any mention for your brand digitally. Our professional team can follow such mentions through various digital platforms in order to avoid missing the opportunity of detecting your brand infringement before escalation. 

• Takedown Infringing Pages:
Our team can handle the takedown of infringing pages on social media platforms.

• Domain Names Disputes:
Handling complaints in relation to domain names infringement locally before the competent authorities and internationally before the specialized entities. 

• Takedown Copyright Infringement before DMCA:
Complying with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), we handle complaints in case of facing a copyright online infringement. 

• Detect Counterfeit Goods:
Online shops are currently flooding the online market with counterfeit goods which might affect the reputation of our client’s and devalue their brands, or render consumers to believe that their products are of low quality.

Our team can conduct thorough online search to detect counterfeit goods and deal with the infringers by consulting our clients with the suitable enforcement action.

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